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I greatly appreciate your help in recovering the program

Great sounding system

We replaced our church’s non-functioning chime system with the ECarillon program. We used a donated laptop computer and a Moukey amplifier from Amazon along with the existing speakers to bring our chimes back to life. After about an hour to hook everything up and program the schedule we were hearing the chimes that we had been missing for several years.
We had looked for a replacement system a few years ago. The only thing we could find was in excess of $5000.00. So we gave up. Recently, I found ECarillon. This gave us an affordable option. The total cost of getting our system going was $505. This includes three copies of the software, the music and the amplifier. We were thrilled to find such a fine system at such an affordable price.
Thank you ECarillon.

eCarillon review

The systems seems to work very well, although the version for non-technical people seems to be fairly difficult to set up. Once everything is set up, then it works very well.


Package seems to be as they described, had issue a week after we purchased, but they were very responsive and got me back up quickly. Seems to be easy to add bell music as I added a call to service music file and it worked I would have to rate there service very good. Definitely a whole lot cheaper than replacing our system. A good solution if your on a tight budget.

Our Church has found its new Voice.

We are a parish in a working-class city setting that had lost the use of its bells, as the old tape system had expired. With the donation of a basic laptop, the addition of an $80 dollar pre-amp and the eCarillon software, Holy Name now has a renewed voice. Recommended highly!


Great so far

Great replacement!

When out high price computer died, I went looking for a replacement, and wow, was I surprised. They wanted $1500.00 just to replace computer. I just got a laptop and loaded eCarillion, and Boom, carillon back up and running. Cut off updates and wi-fi to laptop so program has no interruptions. Sounds great neighbors welcomed it back. Thank you eCarillion.
Bob Dowis, Facilities Manager
Hillside United Methodist Church

Easy and does the job well

Our Church was using another Carillon Bell program for years until the computer finally gave out. Upgraded the computer and started looking for new software. eCarillon was easy to install, competitively priced and easy to use. Works like a charm. Thank you.

Hear the bells!

Our church is predominantly in the middle of town. We installed ECarillon just before Christmas. The surrounding community enjoyed the Christmas music.
It’s working out great, thanks.

eCarillon-The ideal solution for conventional carillon replacement

Our church’s carillon failed after 20 years of service. The technology was obsolete and the manufacturer end of life’d the device years ago. The base replacement they quoted us was $7,500.00. Given the times and current circumstances, we could ill afford purchasing a dedicated replacement. The folks I spoke with at eCarillon were supportive, and anxious to help. We downloaded and implemented the trial version of the software, and the rest is history.
The only issue we encountered was a Windows issue we had to disable updates, sign in, and configure it so the program would not be interrupted by “nag” screens i.e. “let’s finish setting up your computer etc.
Once the issues were resolved, it was smooth sailing. The program is largely intuitive, simple to use, and permits building an independent music library.
I give this program 5 stars in all categories.


Quick, accurate response, and very considerate

Thanks for helping us out

Our computer crashed and after we rebuilt it, we needed to get the software back on and eCarillon support was right there to help get it back

Easy to use

We have had the system for 3 years now. It is very easy to use and change for Christmas and back. Put it on a $200 computer and sound is great. Many positive comments from neighbors.

eCarillon Full Pack

eCarillon Bell and Music Scheduling Software

I'm a little disappointed in the limited tone selection. The early version we were running before it died had a lot more song selection.

Beautiful bells

The church had used another company in the past and was not helpful when we ran into issues. eCarillon has been a delight to work with in changing over. People are excited to hear the bells again throughout the dya.

eCarillon Full Pack
Works Well

Very easy to use. Does what it's supposed to do!

Outstanding Software

We used this forward to project the sound of a steam trains whistles and horns for the public to hear. Our City was named after an old train depot. Thank you.

Bells will be ringing

After 15 years with our carillon not working we purchased ecarrillon. It was so easy to set up and the sound is joyous!

Our bells ring again!

Our previous 20+ year old carillon system had failed months ago, but the amp was still good. We priced replacements and were shocked at the high prices of the new systems. Then we found eCarillon. Great sounds, easy scheduling, and even better price! Using existing equipment we were up and running in a very short time and our community loves to hear our bells 'ringing' again!

eCarillon Full Pack

Nice package overall. The only suggestions I might offer would be a comprehensive installation or setup manual, with an FAQ section. For instance, the computer I used was set to go to sleep after 30 minutes inactivity. So, the program didn't function. Not everyone would know to look for this setting, or where to find it. A checklist of computer settings might be helpful to many users who are not all that tech savvy.

Excellent Program

Installed in church in a small town of 300. It is beautiful to have in it play at noon and 6. We have used this program with a regular bell toll of a old fashion church bell. Bell rings for one minute and then the carillon plays. Wonderful!!

Program Works Like A Champ

Set the program up on a laptop, connected it to a pre-amplifier and amplifier and we once again have music coming out of our bell tower. Program was easy to set up. It has been operating for the past 10 days or so and we've had no issues with it. Well worth the money.

Excellent Program

The ease of use and flexibility to load chimes to the tunes of our Lutheran Service Book was the selling point of this program. I was able to have it up and going in about 20-30 minutes. Wonderful product!!

Rev. J. M. Dickmander

Updated old system

This system was easy to use and with little support was up and running in a matter of 15min. Great sound.