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eCarillon Ultimate Pack
Kathy Joseph (Bear Lake, US)

eCarillon Ultimate Pack

eCarillon Full Pack
Gary Helming (Portland, US)

I like the software the sounds of the Westminster time chimes could be more full sounding. Like those of Big Ben other than that it’s a great value.

eCarillon Full Pack
Richard Jones (Millis, US)
eCarillon Full Pack

Installed it to revitalize a very old Verdin system. Set up very easy. No problems.

eCarillon Full Pack
Timothy Tucker (Little Rock, US)
More music

You need to add patriotic songs and more Advent songs.

eCarillon Bell and Music Scheduling Software
Rae Myles (Lawrenceville, US)
Software works; but not user friendly

I had to write a manual on how to use this. I could not find a PDF manual to download. It is not as Unser intuitive as I would like. There are no context sensitive "Mouse Right-Clicks" . Once you get used to the User interface, its okay

eCarillon Ultimate Pack
Addie Brandt (Pemberville, US)

Have downloaded the information but have not yet tried to set it up. Still need some equipment to put it all together.

eCarillon Ultimate Pack
St. Peter's Episcopal Church (Montello, US)
St. Peter's Church, Sheboygan Falls, WI

Now that we have it up and running correctly, we are very pleased with this system. However, not being a computer guru, I needed assistance to program the schedule we wanted. The tutorials helped somewhat, but our screen did not match everything on the tutorial. Looking forward to finding new music to download.

eCarillon Ultimate Pack
GATY KINSEY (Russell Springs, US)
Restored the Bells

After checking out two Carillon companies that wanted thousands for the head unit using our own amp and speakers I tried Ecarillon trial program. The Church liked the sound of the bells so they spent 397.00 for the top package. The online videos for programing the bells made it easy, and the comments from the our pastor and church members are that they all love having their bell back.

eCarillon Full Pack
Tommy Strickland (Talladega, US)
Superb quality

The church we installed your software in immediately fell in love. Easy to setup and use. Look forward to years of service

eCarillon Full Pack
j burton Williams (Morganton, US)
Loving the Bells

We had some difficulty with the demo install and found that it's best to use just the defaults on the demo. When we installed the full version all went well.

We love the interface and especially the tone and quality of the sound. We had a previous solid-state installation that was difficult to use and did not have the ability to program hymns in with the hourly chimes. The tone of the eCarillon music is much better and clear.

Thank you

eCarillon Ultimate Pack
Robert Long (Griffin, US)
We now have chimes in our steeple

Overall I’m very happy with the final product and the sound we get. The schedule works well, we get a good sound and I get many comments. I graded it 3 stars and not 5 for two major reasons
1. I was very disappointed with how cumbersome and hard the programing and set up is.. it should be a lot easier, to use, navigate and understand.
2. It’s not clear how to incorporate music that we record in church (organ, hand bells, piano etc) into a library that the software can access. This would be less of an issue if your library was bigger, but since we have limited music from you, we will have to make our own and figure out how to set ups library for the program will access it

Love the Set Up - Easy download and instant use!

Our system is working on schedule but I would like some printed instructions to go with the purchase. I am not yet able to get the scheduler to play random songs on the hour using the hourly 8am-6pm schedule template.

eCarillon Full Pack
Ronald Adams (Mount Airy, US)
How do I get started

I was expecting some guidance on getting started once the software was downloaded. Can't find anything like that. Although the scheduling software is fairly easy, there was no suggested or optional way to start. What does the LOAD button next to the Schedule title do? Is it necessary to have a schedule on the calendar for it to play?, etc.
Otherwise the software seems to perform like it should.

Hi Ron,

Thank you for your feedback. Our how to videos were temporarily down on our site when you purchased but are back up now and are available on our support page. Also, we are currently working on a written user manual that many have asked for.

As for the load button, it is used to instantly load a selected schedule into the player. You can always use this option to instantly load up your schedule to play (as defined) for today. The calendar allows you to define what you want to be loaded on any/every day now and in the future so you don't have to manually load your schedule in person.

eCarillon Full Pack
Jeff W. (Springfield, US)
Good solution at a reasonable price

The new carillon system is now in place and is working well. The software took a little bit of time to learn, but the tutorial videos helped with that process. The quality of the included bell carillons was good, but that's where some improvement could be made. The songs provided were quite long in duration. While we didn't want the hymns to play for that long in most situations, there were a few times when it was desired. What we had to do was go through all the hymns and create a shorter version and put it in it's own playlist so that we can now choose how long we would like it to play. While 50 hymns was a good start, having the option to purchase additional hymns would have been nice and a few selections for special events such as weddings would have been nice. Overall, a good product at a good price. Thank you.

eCarillon Ultimate Pack
Donald Downin (Mesa, US)
Amazing product and support!

Our church has been using a tower speaker system with very outdated electronics that employed 8-track cartridges that were used in 1970's in radio stations, and a pool timer (which we had to continually reset when power went out). Now, with eCarillon, I installed the software and carillon music on an old laptop with Internet time so it's always accurate. Everything works like a charm. I also set it up so I can remotely manage it from my home. PERFECT! Thank you, eCarillon! - Don, First United Methodist Church of Mesa, AZ

Product Recovery Service
Rev. Stefan Torok (Woodbridge, US)

I greatly appreciate your help in recovering the program

eCarillon Ultimate Pack
William Borst (Burlington, US)
Great sounding system

We replaced our church’s non-functioning chime system with the ECarillon program. We used a donated laptop computer and a Moukey amplifier from Amazon along with the existing speakers to bring our chimes back to life. After about an hour to hook everything up and program the schedule we were hearing the chimes that we had been missing for several years.
We had looked for a replacement system a few years ago. The only thing we could find was in excess of $5000.00. So we gave up. Recently, I found ECarillon. This gave us an affordable option. The total cost of getting our system going was $505. This includes three copies of the software, the music and the amplifier. We were thrilled to find such a fine system at such an affordable price.
Thank you ECarillon.

eCarillon Ultimate Pack
Chuck Link (Hurdle Mills, US)
eCarillon review

The systems seems to work very well, although the version for non-technical people seems to be fairly difficult to set up. Once everything is set up, then it works very well.

eCarillon Full Pack
Richard Wright (Chickamauga, US)

Package seems to be as they described, had issue a week after we purchased, but they were very responsive and got me back up quickly. Seems to be easy to add bell music as I added a call to service music file and it worked I would have to rate there service very good. Definitely a whole lot cheaper than replacing our system. A good solution if your on a tight budget.

eCarillon Full Pack
dan oconnor (Newtown, US)
Our Church has found its new Voice.

We are a parish in a working-class city setting that had lost the use of its bells, as the old tape system had expired. With the donation of a basic laptop, the addition of an $80 dollar pre-amp and the eCarillon software, Holy Name now has a renewed voice. Recommended highly!

eCarillon Ultimate Pack
Terry Roach (Marion, US)

Great so far

Great replacement!

When out high price computer died, I went looking for a replacement, and wow, was I surprised. They wanted $1500.00 just to replace computer. I just got a laptop and loaded eCarillion, and Boom, carillon back up and running. Cut off updates and wi-fi to laptop so program has no interruptions. Sounds great neighbors welcomed it back. Thank you eCarillion.
Bob Dowis, Facilities Manager
Hillside United Methodist Church

eCarillon Full Pack
Mark Kaiser (Columbia, US)
Easy and does the job well

Our Church was using another Carillon Bell program for years until the computer finally gave out. Upgraded the computer and started looking for new software. eCarillon was easy to install, competitively priced and easy to use. Works like a charm. Thank you.

eCarillon Full Pack
First Baptist Church Olney TX (Graham, US)
Hear the bells!

Our church is predominantly in the middle of town. We installed ECarillon just before Christmas. The surrounding community enjoyed the Christmas music.
It’s working out great, thanks.

eCarillon Full Pack
David Dutro (Frankfort, US)
eCarillon-The ideal solution for conventional carillon replacement

Our church’s carillon failed after 20 years of service. The technology was obsolete and the manufacturer end of life’d the device years ago. The base replacement they quoted us was $7,500.00. Given the times and current circumstances, we could ill afford purchasing a dedicated replacement. The folks I spoke with at eCarillon were supportive, and anxious to help. We downloaded and implemented the trial version of the software, and the rest is history.
The only issue we encountered was a Windows issue we had to disable updates, sign in, and configure it so the program would not be interrupted by “nag” screens i.e. “let’s finish setting up your computer etc.
Once the issues were resolved, it was smooth sailing. The program is largely intuitive, simple to use, and permits building an independent music library.
I give this program 5 stars in all categories.