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eCarillon Full Pack
Lisa Gupton (Elizabethtown, US)
Everyone is enjoying the music!

We purchased the software several months ago but, unfortunately had to get some speakers replaced before we could use it. We are now up and running and everyone is thrilled to hear chimes from our church again. Lowell Avenue Baptist: Campbellsville , Ky

Blessed Bells Christmas Collection
Mary Pietro (Palm Beach Gardens, US)

The sound of the bells comes thru beautifully. Thank you for the great music

eCarillon Full Pack
Steven Gilchrist (Toronto, CA)
Great system

We had an old system that had quit working, but still had an old amp and speakers, so we had donated a laptop, purchase your system, and we were online immediately, highly recommended

eCarillon Bell and Music Scheduling Software
Dr james briggs (Hammond, US)

Thank you so much for supplying YOUR digital Bell System that is absolutely perfect, it replaces a premier system that cost over $6000 . Extremely easy to program on your computer and works flawlessly, once again the bells toll across the grounds of NORTHHOUSEHOMEANDGARDENS.COM and GREET many of hundreds of GUESTS per year. Joseph helped me program and could not have been any nicer or knowledgeable… MANY THANKS HIGH RECOMENDATION!!!!!

eCarillon Full Pack
greg carey (Plymouth, US)
Good basic software

Good package. Easy to setup. Music selection available with purchase. Easy to add songs.
Bought this to replace old out of commission tape deck type system for church.
One you start to use its fairly intuitive.
Loaded on a windows 11 pro mini pc.

eCarillon Full Pack
Lisa Gupton (Elizabethtown, US)

Unfortunately we found our speakers were bad so we have not been able to start using it yet. Hopefully soon!

eCarillon Full Pack
eCarillon Review

Program works well, like how it sounds. Two enhancements would be nice:
1. Allow renaming of template after it is created.
2. When template calls for random play from a playlist, keep track of which songs were played, and do not repeat a song until entire playlist has been played. Should take just a few lines of code.

Also, would be interested in additional hymn collections to be made available at no or low cost.

eCarillon Full Pack
Janice Bernot (Kittanning, US)
Our town’s clock tower chimes once more !

Our goal was to once again hear chimes from our towns clock tower. After getting pricing from a company to replace our old unit at a $11,000. Price tag, it was out of the question. By using ECarrollin we were able to get our chimes back and running for only $400. The set up process was easy to download and now our towns people are happy.

Very satisfied with eCarillon

Software does what it is supposed to. Easy to set up. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a cost-effective carillon.

eCarillon Full Pack
Paul Chaffee (Macedonia, US)
It works!

I wouldn’t call it the most user-friendly application in the world, but after you click around enough, you can figure it out. It works – that is what was important to me. Using the application on a computer was also important. The computer automatically adjusts for daylight savings time and resyncs the time with the internet every day. It’s nice having the bells ring precisely at the correct time. I do like the feature to randomly pick a song to play. I used that feature to have it close the day at 7:00 pm by randomly picking one song to play from a list of about 25. I also have it switching to randomly pick a Christmas song from the day after Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. I would actually give it a 4.5 star rating, however that was not an option.

eCarillon Bell and Music Scheduling Software
John Griffith (Meridian, US)
Second Purchase

I purchased the eCarillon package a few years ago to revive my church's obsolete chime system. It works extremely well and we've had nothing but Rave reviews of it.

Now, another local church contacted us and inquired about getting something similar for their church. So, I advised them to get the package from eCarillon, and they couldn't be more pleased with their new chime system.

eCarillon Ultimate Pack
Rev. J. Ryan Greene (Graniteville, US)
Extremely Easy to Use, Also Very Flexible

I just purchased this software as a donation to our church and have been using it for almost a week. It installed to an older (2016 model) Windows computer very easily and since we weren't using that computer for anything else, we were able to dedicate that computer for the chimes system. However, the computer can still be used for other things while running the chimes system if desired. The system is extremely easy to use. You can make any type of schedule you want. You can create a schedule from scratch or build off of an already existing schedule template and save it under any name you desire. We have both song packages (the 50 hymns and also the Christmas carols). It is also easy to import other mp3 music files and play whatever you want through the outdoor speakers. Since we have a school here at South Aiken Baptist in SC, we have the bells set not only to chime on the hour but to play a few songs at noon, at 3:15pm (when school lets out), and at 6pm. We also have them set to play music on Sundays during the 15 minutes of time we have between Sunday School and morning worship as people are going from one building to the other and they also play at 12:10pm as church is letting out and people are going to their vehicles. They also play at 6pm on Sundays. If church lets out early, there is the quick play option where we can simply go to the computer and play a song from the library or any other playlist right away. They sound quality is extremely good. Since I am an Apple guy, I hope to see Apple compatible software for this product one day. However, it has ran flawlessly for us even though it is on a Windows computer. If any new products for this system are developed, I plan to be the first in line to purchase them. This budget friendly system (which is worth way more than it costs), has brought back to life, our outdoor speaker system that had not been used in over 20 years before now. I can't thank eCarillon enough for their amazing product.

eCarillon works perfectly.

I am happy with this software, it works exactly as I need it to. It is easy to install and it is easy to use. Customer service is excellent and immediately. I recommend eCarillon to my friends.

eCarillon Full Pack
John Baldwin (Mankato, US)



Program works well.
I think I will also get the backup program if it is still available option. Thanks sean

eCarillon Full Pack
Rick McDowell (Smithville, US)
ecarillon review

Product is very easy to use and very reliable.

Replacement for 30 year old carillon.

eCarillon is absolutely great and the few times we had to contact them for help, the reply was helpful and came to us within an hour or so one time and another was almost instant. What is surprising is a relatively inexpensive software program was able to replace a carillon that if purchased today would be in the neighborhood of ten to twelve thousand dollars. In our case we were able to transfer the original 6 cassette tapes of hymns into the new program. As a result, we only needed to purchase the basic program software. I think it is important to know that what we did with the transfer of the original hymns, cleaning up noise in the tapes etc. needed someone who was well versed in computers. I'm not saying the eCarillon is too complicated for most people, just that depending on what you are attempting to do with it can become somewhat complicated. The versatility of the program is great. In our case we had one tape with Lent/Easter hymns and another tape for Christmas. The software made it possible to have each of that specific music start and stop on specific dates. For example the Christmas hymns are schedule to play from the end of November to December 31 then automatically return to the other regular hymns. All in all eCarillon is the only way to go! Fred Wynne Lansdale, Pa.

eCarillon Starter Pack
Charles Schoppe (Los Gatos, US)
A Cost-Effective Upgrade!

Our 1960's vintage Verdin system became obsolete when tapes wore out and timer malfunctioned. Cost of new systems were prohibitive, and a digital system seemed very attractive. It was determined that eCarillon scheduler software/starter pack was the most cost-effective upgrade, running on an HP laptop. An inexpensive pre-amp was used to drive the Verdin amps, which were still viable. Purchased music was rather limited and would like to see better music selections in future, but I converted personal carillon files to mp3 format for our use, works well. Support from eCarillon folks is great!

eCarillon Ultimate Pack
Esteban Nunez (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Great software value

The interface is a bit dated and could use some improvements, but overall it’s a great tool to run your church bells. Compared to the alternatives, no one can beat this in price/features/value. Assuming you have your amp and speakers, all you need to add is a basic Windows PC to run the software.

eCarillon Ultimate Pack
Kathy Joseph (Bear Lake, US)

eCarillon Ultimate Pack

eCarillon Full Pack
Gary Helming (Portland, US)

I like the software the sounds of the Westminster time chimes could be more full sounding. Like those of Big Ben other than that it’s a great value.

eCarillon Full Pack
Richard Jones (Millis, US)
eCarillon Full Pack

Installed it to revitalize a very old Verdin system. Set up very easy. No problems.

eCarillon Full Pack
Timothy Tucker (Little Rock, US)
More music

You need to add patriotic songs and more Advent songs.

eCarillon Bell and Music Scheduling Software
Rae Myles (Lawrenceville, US)
Software works; but not user friendly

I had to write a manual on how to use this. I could not find a PDF manual to download. It is not as Unser intuitive as I would like. There are no context sensitive "Mouse Right-Clicks" . Once you get used to the User interface, its okay

eCarillon Ultimate Pack
Addie Brandt (Pemberville, US)

Have downloaded the information but have not yet tried to set it up. Still need some equipment to put it all together.