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Carillon bells

The bells sound good. The software was a little difficult for me to download onto my computer but I did get assistance from the Carillon and was able to finally figure it out. I am not real computer savvy so maybe that was part of it but it took several hours to figure it out. The bells do sound good however very rich and we are able to use the system fine

Great system and easy to use!

I really appreciate the great support! I have used the system to supply music to my neighbourhood and all of my neighbours absolutely love it!

Enjoyed by all!

The computer with our old bell software crashed and we needed something in place for Advent. Your product came through mightily. The software was easy to understand and set up and the song recordings were much better than our previous version. Thank you.

Bells at St.Martins

Having the bells working again at our local church has been wonderful. Many members of the congregation have expressed their pleasure at hearing the bells again. Great software Wonderful sound!!


Software is super easy to use. Customer support is very helpful. Bells sound beautiful too. Also ordered PC from their 3rd party recommendation. That worked out as well. Having so many Christmas songs is helpful for this time of year. This solution fixed our church's bell system and saved us thousands of dollars. Highly recommended.

eCarillon Full Pack

Installed great

The eCarillon software installed right away on the new laptop and works perfectly there. We haven’t connected it to the bell tower yet due to building wiring issues but should have that resolved soon and are very excited to start using it.

Great Software! Beautiful Sound!

I have had countless compliments on this software, and it sounds amazing! This is one of the best investments the church has ever made! We couldn't be happier with this purchase!

I had difficulty downloading the software until I removed the trial version, then I was able to download the software properly. Also, I wish there was written instructions that could be downloaded and how to use the software. Other than that, I really like your program and it adds a nice touch to our church and community!

It's great!

We used eCarillon to replace a broken tape carillon system. It's easy to use, reliable, and most of all... cost effective! We haven't regretted it!

Adventis Theological Seminary of Cuba

Thank you so much. This is a very useful software for us. It helps us with school and church schedules. Praise the Lord.

Great Software

When our $10,000 electronic church bell system went down, this software allowed us to do the same job at a fraction of the cost. Easy to use, and very reliable. I would have paid a little extra for a larger library of bell sounds. It's a bit hard to find good samples on the web, but I was able to get exactly what i wanted.

Mt Olive UMC

It works great. Love how it sounds coming out of the church steeple. Thank you for a great product.

Great product and Great support

Our church has a small congregation with budget to match. This is why we decided to use eCarillon when our old Carillon system broke and couldn't be repaired. We at First Methodist could not be happier. About a 2 months ago the chimes stopped ringing, our computer died. I emailed eCarillon support, they were more than helpful in getting us up and running again. Thanks some for a great affordable product . Also a big thank you to Joseph for his support in getting us operational again.
Steve Hanner
First United Methodist Church
Thomasville N.C.

Bells Hymns

Our Church enjoys the hymns

eCarillon Review

This is my second purchase so I can have a back up in case something should happen to my main unit. I love eCarillon because it is excellent and affordable!
This is truly a wonderful idea for Churches that can't afford the expensive carillons, and eCarillon has features that many of the "big names" don't have!

Jim’s review

I am so happy to have found eCarillon. The price, compared to the hardware vendor, was a magnitude of 15 less cost. The product, too, is exceptional and support is top tier
Kudos to this company


I am enjoying your product still getting used to it. But I do like it.

eCarillon Bell and Music Scheduling Software

Great! Saved a huge amount of money over purpose built hardware with embedded software. If a user has an existing library of bells/music and is replacing or adding a Carillon, eCarillon is the best way to go. Add some quick access icons of library contents and I will pay double for the software.

Good value

Good value for the cost, thank you.

Watch the tutorial videos

I had a little trouble until I watched the tutorials, then it was very easy to work with. Took me about 30 minutes to program the whole year, 7 days a week with Hymns, Patriotic Holidays and Christmas! How sweet is that. (When every thing else fails, try reading the instructions.)

Works Great

While it could use some updates to clean up the user experience, the software works and was much cheaper than many other options.

Ecarillon is great, Operating system can be a big problem.

Have Win 10 on 2 different laptops and both keep resetting causing Ecarillon to stop. Think Win 10 is trying to install update KB4078130 and failing. Never see the update on update list. Try to install manually and fails, nothing happens. Seen others with same problem on internet. Only solution for me is to keep the pc offline. May try Win Vista. How long do you plan on supporting Win Vista

Very nice program and easy

Very nice program and easy to use after watching the tutorial videos. I looked for Carillons for quite some time before I found this one and even tried a couple that were expensive and unreliable. The eCarillon works very well on a simple laptop computer and the ability to use different music formats is a major plus. The calendar allows you to program a typical schedule for specific days and continue it for endless months with the ability to edit any particular day's schedule without deleting the other days. Another feature that I use is the shuttle play that allows you to create a list of songs and then it lets you specify the number of songs to play while setting the program play those songs in a random order. One feature that I have not looked into yet, but would be a bonus, would be to have the ability to set the volume for each individual day or time period. Might want to change the product's internet description to "Carillon: eCarillon for PC" or some such thing. Searching for a Carillon does not put "eCarillon" at the top of the search list and it surely should be there. Highly recommended product!

Value without compromise.

We recently lost our $10k bells to a lightning strike. With the use of this software and some relatively inexpensive amps, we are back up and running. The sound quality rivals that of the more expensive system, and the maintenance on the new system is a fraction of what the other system was. 10/10