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eCarillon Full Pack
Clifford Radtke (Port Austin, US)

eCarillon Full Pack

eCarillon Bell and Music Scheduling Software
charles potter (Cleveland, US)

lack of support has me requesting a refund


We again apologize for the delay in responding to your support request. The email address you contacted is not regularly monitored for support requests and therefore bypassed our excellent support team's eyes. Please use our online widget or email us directly at for any questions of concerns regarding your product or order.

eCarillon Ultimate Pack
Stuart Davis (Seattle, US)
Awaiting an answer

I submitted a question 5 days ago regarding the bell's sounds, a majority being only 30 seconds, not full length as expected. How to get full length? Etc.

Hi there,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We apologize for the delay in responding to your question. As we discussed, your purchased music collection had not been installed and instead you were seeing the demo versions of the songs which are limited to 30s.

Blessed Bells Hymn Collection
Nick Lammers (Wood River, US)
Great music

Love the tunes

Excellent Software

I bought this software to use while our bell tower system was out for repair. I have tied several bell tower software setups and this software has by far the best scheduling setup I've seen. the scheduling has flexibility better than the verdin bell software that currently runs our bell tower.

eCarillon Bell and Music Scheduling Software
Richard Waskowitz (Greensburg, US)
Good Value

Good product for the price. Not too hard to figure out. What I think would be helpful for all your users would be a forum of some sort whete users could share little tips and answers to operational questions. Support via texting and email was pretty quick.

eCarillon Full Pack
Patrick Ransom
Exactly what we wanted!

Go with the Full Pack, the bell sounds are awesome. Entire town is once again hearing church bells from our church!

eCarillon Ultimate Pack
David Lusk (Rocky Mount, US)
Easy to install and pretty easy to navigate.

Only issue I have is knowing how to make my schedule the default so anytime I boot the PC it uses my schedule instead of the default. Because I am a man I am too lazy to read everything or watch the videos. :)

eCarillon Ultimate Pack
David Kellen (Warrenville, US)
It’s a decent program that replaced my Verdin Bells.

The program is great, but, I’m disappointed that there’s not more music in it. Luckily, I have a great Carillon and Bell sound on my logic app, and I’m going to record myself playing a lot of songs, but I would’ve liked to of seen more Music in the collection. Other than that, it’s great. Thanks. David Kellen.

eCarillon Bell and Music Scheduling Software

eCarillon Starter Pack
Flavia Feltner (Summerville, US)

Great program

eCarillon Bell and Music Scheduling Software
Nathan Leslie (Columbiana, US)
Fantastic Product

This product provided a very affordable way of adding the sound of carillon bells our existing bell tower. The sound of the chimes ringing out the hours, as well as hymns played, have been very well received by the small community around us. The program is extremely user friendly, the setup for use was not difficult, and it was very easy to modify to fit our needs or local context. Overall, it is a great product!

eCarillon Ultimate Pack
Robert Marsh (Chicago, US)
User friendly excellence

The eCarillon platform is an exceptional option for anyone needing to replace an old system or initiate a new carillon for church or community.

eCarillon Full Pack
Earnest Carlock (McDonough, US)
Probably easier than I made it

Purchased the medium product to replace the Carilion's we have had since 2003. That newest model was insanely expensive so we looked for an alternative, and found eCarillion. Purchased a small scratch an dent computer an downloaded the software. The DYI install videos helped.
I had more time in figuring out the computer than the software.

eCarillon Full Pack
Francis wandera (Nairobi, KE)
Ecarillon software

Great software which is easy to use. Perfect schedule programming

eCarillon Bell and Music Scheduling Software
Sr Mary Catharine Perry OP (The Bronx, US)
Great software

This is an easy to use system for communities like mine where there are a lot of changes in schedules. At first I found it difficult to use because I was making it too hard. I love how I can customize. It was easy to import my own choices.

eCarillon Full Pack
Norman Shardlow (Foster, US)
Trinity Church Bell System

The system has been installed at Trinity Church North Scituate R.I.
There has been a delay in starting the system that would not load into Windows 10. With help from your staff the system has been up and running for a couple of days. It sounds very, very good. Better than what we had expected. The ability to program many days in advance is going to work to our advantage. In the future, if there are updates that may be of help to us, please let us know. Please thank your staff for the help they have given us.

eCarillon Full Pack
Omy Ronquillo (Miami, US)
Awesome software for our old church carillon

This was a pleasant surprise. Our old church carillon is working again after so many years of being idle. Thanks to eCarillon, we can hear our bells again.

eCarillon Full Pack
Jill Hubbard-Smith (Atlantic Highlands, US)

All Good

eCarillon Full Pack
Gerald Abbott (Weems, US)
Outstanding Product

Outstanding Product

Blessed Bells Christmas Collection
Anthony Vining (Huntington, US)
Bells sound great

This was added to our collection. Great sounds!

eCarillon Full Pack
Art B (Sapulpa OK) (Sapulpa, US)
The bells are ringing again...

Our church had been using another program that looked and functioned like it had been built at the dawn of the digital age. Transitioning to this product has been a game-changer as it was easy to install and took little time to become proficient at creating and/or changing schedules. We are using this on an old Toshiba Laptop that had been updated to Windows 10 with only 4 GB of ram and we found that the schedule would not run consistently but upgrading ram to 8GB solved that issue. (Not related to the program but more the hardware we were running on)

eCarillon Full Pack
DWAYNE HOSKINS (Fredericksburg, US)

Everything is wonderful so far

eCarillon Full Pack
Tamara Jones (Conehatta, US)
Perfect for our needs

Very happy with the features. It has made changing to Christmas music during the season a breeze. I love the ability to schedule.