eCarillon Ultimate Pack


If you want everything plus the added security of extended software recovery, added licenses for a ready-to-go backup computer and test bed, extended support and access to future content and features, this is your package. 

Package includes:

  • eCarillon Bell and Music Scheduling Software
  • 2 extra licenses for backup system and remote test computer
  • Blessed Bells Hymn Collection including 50 all-time classic hymns
  • Blessed Bells Christmas Collection including 15 Christmas songs
  • 1 Year of best-in-class support
  • 1 Year access to any new digital products or features
  • 2 Year extended download protection

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
PRBC Chimes

Excellent product. Straightforward installation. Flexibility in setting up a schedule and calendar entries. Good support when working with the demo.

Socastee United Methodist Church

It was wonderful hearing the bells pealing the hourly time and playing our favorite hymns once again, after more than a year of silence. After setting up the refurbished computer system at home and downloading the beta version of your product. I had eCarillon programmed in a few hours with bell music and peals from our former bell system CD library, thanks to the "How-To Videos" on your support page. The system is now installed in our church and connected to our existing amp and belfry speakers. Many of our churchgoers expressed their delight and reflected on how much they had missed the church bells. Thank you, eCarillon, for an amazing product.

Holy Spirit

Great support

A great cost saving product!

Our old system at St Peter Lutheran Church in Mesa, Arizona failed about 18 months ago. We had delayed the repair/replacement because of the high cost to fix the old system. For $300.00, an old computer and about 30 minutes of our time, we downloaded the program, interfaced the computer with the old amp and now we enjoy some really great hymns. Very easy to program and very easy to select new hymns. Great bargin.

Welsh Neck Baptist Church

Works as advertised on internet, very good system!!!