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This package is by far the best value for most situations. If you don't have a need for extra licenses or support (beyond your initial setup) but you do want all of our beautiful music selections, this package is for you.

Package includes:

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Note: Product is delivered via digital download only

Customer Reviews

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Patrick Ransom
Exactly what we wanted!

Go with the Full Pack, the bell sounds are awesome. Entire town is once again hearing church bells from our church!

David Lusk (Rocky Mount, US)
Easy to install and pretty easy to navigate.

Only issue I have is knowing how to make my schedule the default so anytime I boot the PC it uses my schedule instead of the default. Because I am a man I am too lazy to read everything or watch the videos. :)

David Kellen (Warrenville, US)
It’s a decent program that replaced my Verdin Bells.

The program is great, but, I’m disappointed that there’s not more music in it. Luckily, I have a great Carillon and Bell sound on my logic app, and I’m going to record myself playing a lot of songs, but I would’ve liked to of seen more Music in the collection. Other than that, it’s great. Thanks. David Kellen.

Lester Thomas (Madison, US)

eCarillon Bell and Music Scheduling Software

Flavia Feltner (Summerville, US)

Great program