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We get it. Sometimes you just have to try things out to be sure they are for you. That is exactly why we let you try eCarillon for 14 Days. This demo is fully functional and will let you try everything out to see if eCarillon works for you. No credit card required.

NOTE: This is a pre-release Beta version. This version may have minor issues as it is still undergoing testing. If you encounter an issue while using this version, please help us by emailing us the details of your issue by contacting us on this site or emailing us at support@ecarillon.com

You'll be able to try out all of our features including:

  • Music Library
  • By-minute scheduling
  • Hourly and Westminster chimes
  • Song Randomizer to make music selection hassle free
  • Playlist to organize and readily use your music
  • Built-in Calendar for booking your schedules daily, weekly or yearly
  • Clone schedules so you're not starting from scratch
  • Predictive Assist to help you build schedules in a flash
  • and more

    Remember, eCarillon comes with a 30 Day, 100% Peace-of-Mind guarantee. So, why wait? Buy eCarillon Now

     System Requirements (minimum):

    • Windows 8 or 10
    • 1.6 GHz or better processor
    • 4 GB RAM
    • 1 GB Hard drive space
    • 1 Line out/Aux out/Headphone audio output


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Chad Janey (Bassett, US)
    Great solution to get our chimes going again!!!

    We had an old 8 track system that had long since failed and of course getting new tapes was not an option, replacing the 8 track portion with the newer module that had built in hard drive was going to be much too costly. Found this solution and decided to give it a try. After a little time spent figuring how to connect to the existing amplifier it was up and going. With the exception of once forgetting to click the PM button and waking neighbors at 2 in the morning, it has been great. We have had so many positive comments and words of thanks since getting our chimes going again! Can't wait until Christmas when we can try our Christmas hymns as well.

    St Joseph Men's Club St Joseph Church (Farmington, US)
    great software

    was able to replace a unit costing several thousand for a basic work station and $100 amplifier. programming is easier than the unit costing thousands. great sounds


    Purchased the real deal after demo. Had a Verdin that crapped out. Weren't spending 5-8 thousand for another Verdin. Go with this product.

    Dennis Quillen (Farmington, US)

    System running great, was able to import previously purchased bell tolls and sounds from other sources and learning curve is slight and how to videos on web site are great learning aids. replaced a $6500 system that died for under $500