Tutorial Videos

How-To Videos

Use the videos below to get familiar with the basics of the eCarillon software

Register eCarillon Online

Learn how to register eCarillon after installation. This requires an active internet connection on the eCarillon PC.

Register eCarillon Offline

Did you know you could register eCarillon even if the computer doesn't have an active internet connection. Learn how in this video.

Adding Music to eCarillon's Library

In this video we'll explain how to get things rolling by adding music to your library. Music must be in your library in order to be used in your schedules.

Working with Playlists in eCarillon

Playlists help you organize and more effectively utilize your music in eCarillon. This video will explain how to create and manage your playlists.

Using the Music Library

In this video we'll explain the features of the music library and how to use it to manage your music

Creating a Schedule

At the heart of eCarillon is creating schedule templates that specify what to do and at what times during the day. This video will walk you through creating a new schedule template.

Managing your Schedules

Learn how to clone schedules so you aren't starting from scratch, edit existing schedules, and more in this informative video.

Using the Calendar

Once you have some schedule templates you'll need to tell eCarillon what days to use those templates. You'll learn how to setup your system to play your schedules each day, on certain days, on a specific day, and more.