eCarillon Bell and Music Scheduling Software


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Backup Installations (+$35 each)

Our easy to use software will allow your organization to schedule music and bell sounds to play at the desired times and dates. 

Our intuitive, graphical interface allows you to quickly get your music or bell schedule built and running like clockwork. The included music library helps you manage and use any .wav, .wma or .mp3 music or sound you would like-- no restrictions. You're in control and are able to build your schedule down to the minute or make as many different schedules as you would like.

Other useful features include:

  • Hourly and Westminster chimes
  • Song Randomizer to make music selection hassle free
  • Playlist to organize and readily use your music
  • Built-in Calendar for booking your schedules daily, weekly or yearly
  • Clone schedules so you're not starting from scratch
  • Predictive Assist to help you build schedules in a flash
  • and more

System Requirements (minimum):

Remember, eCarillon comes with a 30 Day, 100% Peace-of-Mind guarantee

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Note: Product is delivered via digital download only

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Janice Bernot (Kittanning, US)
Our town’s clock tower chimes once more !

Our goal was to once again hear chimes from our towns clock tower. After getting pricing from a company to replace our old unit at a $11,000. Price tag, it was out of the question. By using ECarrollin we were able to get our chimes back and running for only $400. The set up process was easy to download and now our towns people are happy.

Javier Solis (Nipomo, US)
Very satisfied with eCarillon

Software does what it is supposed to. Easy to set up. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a cost-effective carillon.

Paul Chaffee (Macedonia, US)
It works!

I wouldn’t call it the most user-friendly application in the world, but after you click around enough, you can figure it out. It works – that is what was important to me. Using the application on a computer was also important. The computer automatically adjusts for daylight savings time and resyncs the time with the internet every day. It’s nice having the bells ring precisely at the correct time. I do like the feature to randomly pick a song to play. I used that feature to have it close the day at 7:00 pm by randomly picking one song to play from a list of about 25. I also have it switching to randomly pick a Christmas song from the day after Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. I would actually give it a 4.5 star rating, however that was not an option.

John Griffith (Meridian, US)
Second Purchase

I purchased the eCarillon package a few years ago to revive my church's obsolete chime system. It works extremely well and we've had nothing but Rave reviews of it.

Now, another local church contacted us and inquired about getting something similar for their church. So, I advised them to get the package from eCarillon, and they couldn't be more pleased with their new chime system.

Rev. J. Ryan Greene (Graniteville, US)
Extremely Easy to Use, Also Very Flexible

I just purchased this software as a donation to our church and have been using it for almost a week. It installed to an older (2016 model) Windows computer very easily and since we weren't using that computer for anything else, we were able to dedicate that computer for the chimes system. However, the computer can still be used for other things while running the chimes system if desired. The system is extremely easy to use. You can make any type of schedule you want. You can create a schedule from scratch or build off of an already existing schedule template and save it under any name you desire. We have both song packages (the 50 hymns and also the Christmas carols). It is also easy to import other mp3 music files and play whatever you want through the outdoor speakers. Since we have a school here at South Aiken Baptist in SC, we have the bells set not only to chime on the hour but to play a few songs at noon, at 3:15pm (when school lets out), and at 6pm. We also have them set to play music on Sundays during the 15 minutes of time we have between Sunday School and morning worship as people are going from one building to the other and they also play at 12:10pm as church is letting out and people are going to their vehicles. They also play at 6pm on Sundays. If church lets out early, there is the quick play option where we can simply go to the computer and play a song from the library or any other playlist right away. They sound quality is extremely good. Since I am an Apple guy, I hope to see Apple compatible software for this product one day. However, it has ran flawlessly for us even though it is on a Windows computer. If any new products for this system are developed, I plan to be the first in line to purchase them. This budget friendly system (which is worth way more than it costs), has brought back to life, our outdoor speaker system that had not been used in over 20 years before now. I can't thank eCarillon enough for their amazing product.