The Budget Discussion and How to Win It

The Budget Discussion and How to Win It

January 23, 2017

The Dilemma

Whether you have a church bell system already or you are looking to get one for the first time, you've likely had at least one discussion about budget. For most churches, the idea of church bells would almost certainly fall into the nice-to-have category. This is particularly true for smaller organizations where funds may already be tight. Even so, that doesn't mean you shouldn't push for them. After all, pews are nice-to-have too but somehow we find the funds for those! Luckily, there are a few ways to approach the conversation to help it go more smoothly without necessarily sacrificing your pews.

It Costs Too Much

If you've looked around much for digital church bell systems it doesn't take long to find out they aren't exactly a budget item. In fact, even the cost of repairing a system can be astounding. That is exactly where eCarillon can help.

The beauty of our solution is that it is both low cost and expandable over time. Looking for the lowest initial cost, just get our software which includes hourly chimes. You can always come back later and add our music or your own music. You aren't locked into or locked out of any options in the future. 

What If it Doesn't Work?

We've all been burned before. You buy something and it just doesn't quite perform like they said. Like that 26-in-one toaster, ice-maker, blender thing you bought at 2AM one night-- you know the one. Anyway, we all understand this concern and can relate to the question. 

Thankfully this is also one question you can most easily address. We aren't afraid to let you try eCarillon out. In fact, we encourage it if you aren't sure about buying yet. Not only does this give everyone the opportunity to gain confidence in the purchase, it can also be a great help in getting your congregation on board. We find that most churches that try out eCarillon are very pleased and their congregations are eager to keep the bells ringing long after the demo expires. Not only that, our 30 day, money-back guarantee means that even beyond the checkout, your organization can have peace of mind.

We Just Don't Have The Money

Even though our mission is to make church bells affordable to churches of every size and eCarillon is extremely affordable, it is not completely free. Growing up in very small churches myself, I completely understand that sometimes even a small amount can be a stretch. Again, though, our experience tells us that "we can't" still might not be the final answer.

One of the beautiful things about church bells is that they are a blessing and a joyful reminder to the church body and beyond. In countless instances, our customers have happily shared just how much their neighbors have enjoyed and openly celebrated the addition (or return) of church bells in their community. In reality, it only requires a handful of small donations to completely fund your new church bell system utilizing eCarillon. So, don't be afraid to ask your neighbors, you might just be surprised how eager they are to contribute to the cause.

Many Answers

In short, there are many answers to the dilemma of how to get your church bell system up and running. The suggestions above are just a few to help you make the case and see beyond the limitations. It really comes down to how creative you are willing to be. In the future, we'll be sharing more about the success stories of our customers and how they used eCarillon to impact their communities; so stay tuned.

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