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January 02, 2017 2 Comments

Happy New Year! As this new year gets started we could not be happier to finally have our new site open. This site truly represents our belief in the value of our product and our commitment to improving our customer satisfaction from start to finish. 

Our commitment has always been to not only provide a good product but to also show you what real service-with-a-smile looks like. One part of meeting that commitment was to clean up our site to make it easier for you to find the answers that you need-- when you need them. Also, we have taken control of the complete order fulfillment process so we are here every step of the way to make your life easy once you choose to use our product. Finally, we have listened to our customers and put together product packages and product options to make shopping even easier. With these new options you'll be able to find the right product to meet your needs at the right price.

Like with most things in life though, there is a lot more to do. So, stay tuned for even more improvements, software updates, new products, and helpful information. Want to make sure you hear about our new developments? Sign up for our email updates at the bottom of this page. We'll make sure that you know when we roll out new information, new products, and updates.

Finally, if you have purchased eCarillon and you appreciate the value of our product and the customer service that we provide, we would appreciate you telling your friends about us. You are our best advertisement and your referral is what makes us truly proud. Thank you for your support and from all of us at Carillon Solutions, we wish you a very happy new year and may God bless you.


Joseph Samples

Carillon Solutions, LLC

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Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan

August 26, 2017

We got e-Carillon for our Church and it is working very well so far!!!
I configured the Computer to trip an Audio controlled relay in order to switch on the Amp.
I simplified the system from my original concept, dispensing with the impulse relay and using the music itself to keep the relay on once started.
A new “song” called “Start” switches everything on before the actual playing of the bells.
Our original system used a relay to disconnect the Tower Speaker and short its voice coil on itself, when not in use, as a protection in case of lightning.
I preserved this feature and highly recommend it if an outdoor speaker is used unless it is already protected in some way.
The Audio controlled Relay has a time delay feature built in so it will stay on long enough to allow for intervals between songs.
this is working out very well so far, and all I have to do is remember to put “Start” first in every event using songs!

Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan

May 10, 2017

There may be a way that your product can control the Amplifier, WITHOUT making any changes to the software.
Configure the Computer to play the bells on one channel, since on a bell system, stereo means nothing anyway! the other channel can play a tone, generated by an Organ, for example, which is recorded on an MP3 file as a song. This tone would control what is known as an Audio Relay, simply a small amplifier that has a sensitive relay connected to its output, in lieu of a Speaker. Then use this “song” in the beginning of each program and again at the end,
The audio relay would then control a latching or impulse relay that would control the main amplifier, toggling it on and off.
This sounds rather complicated, but it really is quite simple and the parts can be found online.
If you can configure the software to allow split track playing, then this will be much simpler, and the split track option can be offered to users who already have your product in the form of an update, which they can use or not as it would be voluntary.
I am seriously considering this software for my Church, but I will have to talk to the others in the Board and the Pastor first.
My Church has an old system that has gone kaput, and your product looks very attractive as a way to resurrect the bells!

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